10,000 3D NFT Collectibles + Animated Series🪦💀


Welcome to the NFT Underworld. A sick culture of morbid degens getting set to disrupt the boring land of the living. Paired with a community-driven animated series and plans for the first ever giant metaverse graveyard, this project is all set to RIP.


Be the first to a new kind of collectible that has its own animated series, roadmapped integrations for all members, and a voting structure built-in to guide the future - claim your unique digital identity and get access.

Online Identity, No Bonding Curve

Each unique DeadHead is .09 ETH and comes with a personal profile pic.
These are high resolution files (that took a stupid long time to render). The minting is random and only 10k DeadHeads will ever be minted.

Help Write DeadHeads Animated Series

Be the author of an animated series, claim your 1/1 character that will be immortalized in animation.
DeadHeads have a unique place in NFT-history as the first collection to become its own animated series. Collectors will decide plot-points by committee and watch them come to life.


Owning a DeadHead is your key to the underworld.
DeadHeads double as your keycard to enter the underworld. This comes with members-only benefits, giveaways, perks. It all starts with a metaverse graveyard, and enables you the ability to help write our community-driven animated series. Come up with ideas, vote on plot points, and watch your NFT come to life.

Your DEADHEAD Roadmap

Creating your digital identity and creating a season of DeadHeads requires adoption and planning, we wanted to outline what we have in-store for those who'd like to come along.


Floor Mopping & Hiring

We are purchasing the floor and re-investing into the community, we are in the process of reaching out to key members and paying forward the ones we have bought to these volunteers, elected creators and key contributors.

Allowing passionate creators to come to the table and become invested in our collective future by receiving deadheads.

Some of these deadheads will be used in series thus increasing the equity earned by contributors. We also plan to symbolically burn a few, this includes making it an aspect of our story. This is currently ongoing at a cap of 20ETH/week and reducing for-sale supply.


Partnership Integrations

Partnerships are a great way to continue expanding DeadHeads' reach into the NFT community and a great way to ensure the animated series is watched by the NFT community as a whole.

To date, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the Fame Ladies, BOTB and Alien Boys. In various capacities, we’re able to incentivize these communities to work together, offer rewards to their holders for being part of our community or vice-versa.

More partnerships with other notable projects are on the docket and will be announced as they come, it will be a continuous function of our community to collaborate with other ones.


DH Merch Drop 1

You wanna rep the dead and so do we, limited-edition drops to come soon. You do NOT wanna miss the OG run of DeadHeads merch.

Clothing runs will be small and for DH owners only.

This won’t look like your average merch drop — we’re DeadHeads so we’re gonna do this right. It'll be bomb...


Decentraland Graveyard + 3D Models

We all wanna party it up in hell, head over to plot 9999 in Decentraland and see our progress to date.

Our team of metaverse experts are conjuring up ways to make this an inclusive space for DH who spend time in Decentraland to enjoy — in August a theatre will be installed, accessible only via DH holders.

This space in the long-term will be for collaboration, congregation and generally our very own home within the metaverse. It is not only part of this roadmap, it will grow, be iterated on, and improved as we go along this journey together.

Step 5


Animated Series EP1 Pilot

The script is being finalized and the animators are currently reviewing the aspects at hand, as a community, we’ll work together to help make some decisions on certain elements throughout mid-July.

We’ve onboarded many notable creators from within the industry, and a couple of celebrity collabs for the opening episode.

Creating the first episode is bringing together many different talented professionals from within the DeadHeads universe for the first time and as we redefine what it means to produce content in a distributed network there will be kinks to iron out. Over time, these episodes will be more streamlined and we’re excited for the possibilities and talent we’ve been able to harness from within.

Step 5


Holders Only EP.1 Drop

As our universe expands we want to make sure DeadHeads get the unique added value of being part of this series.

Our promise to all holders is that they are receiving ongoing value from holding and participating in the rise of DeadHeads and we’ll be fulfilling in a way that no other project has done before with our first drop…it’ll make you roll in your graves.


What is dead may never die. DeadHeads Underground Graveyard is built to last and reward hodlers. A collective that is run by an organization structure decided upon by its members, with a community-driven animated series that will immortalize the collection.

As creators we will always give back to our community, and will use transaction fees to buy up the floor for giveaways and community contributions. That is what will enable it to endure as a pivotal piece of NFT-history. We gotchu.

Becoming a member will give you exclusive voting rights, permissions to specific content and forever grant you access to the underworld of the metaverse - graveyards will be placed in specific worlds of the communities choosing

*If you love your DH don't list at floor or it might be bought, cremated and sent to purgatory to walk around miserable forever.

Short Animated Series

Be the author of an animated series, claim your 1/1 character that will be immortalized in series animations.

Utilizing votes cast by members of the community, plot-points will guide a DeadHeads script that acts as a sweeping narrative of the NFT community as a whole, not only DeadHeads.

Never before has a project embarked on decentralizing decision-making in animation. We intend to be pioneers of this space and working with the community to put out content we can all enjoy.


ERC-721 Contract

#10,000 DeadHeads Available

Price 0.09ETH
Activations require MetaMask

Distribution of 7.5% used for buying the floor & paying animators/creators/employees

Meet the  Humans 

Jeremy Jenson

Co-Founder of AIArtHouse, Tech thought leader and NFT enthusiast.

grim reaper


AI Engineer, Co-Founder of AIArtHouse and massive degen.



Metaverse expert, early AI adopter and smart-contract dev



Decorated animator and designer, NFT lover and creator of things.