10,000 3D NFT Collectibles + Animated Series🪦💀


Welcome to the NFT Underworld. A sick culture of morbid degens getting set to disrupt the boring land of the living. Paired with a community-driven animated series and plans for the first ever giant metaverse graveyard, this project is all set to RIP.


Be the first to a new kind of collectible that has its own animated series, roadmapped integrations for all members, and a voting structure built-in to guide the future - claim your unique digital identity and get access.

Online Identity, No Bonding Curve

Each unique DeadHead is .09 ETH and comes with a personal profile pic.
These are high resolution files (that took a stupid long time to render). The minting is random and only 10k DeadHeads will ever be minted.

Help Write DeadHeads Animated Series

Be the author of an animated series, claim your 1/1 character that will be immortalized in animation.
DeadHeads have a unique place in NFT-history as the first collection to become its own animated series. Collectors will decide plot-points by committee and watch them come to life.


Owning a DeadHead is your key to the underworld.
DeadHeads double as your keycard to enter the underworld. This comes with members-only benefits, giveaways, perks. It all starts with a metaverse graveyard, and enables you the ability to help write our community-driven animated series. Come up with ideas, vote on plot points, and watch your NFT come to life.

Your DEADHEAD Roadmap

Creating your digital identity and creating a season of DeadHeads requires adoption and planning, we wanted to outline what we have in-store for those who'd like to come along.


Determine elections

We will be holding elections for specific DeadHead members to run community-driven initiatives - includes president, community president, community manager, content directors, voice actors etc...


Release Animated 2D teaser

If you’re holding a DeadHead you can participate in a mini-series animated to include your DeadHead and follow NFT-based culture.


Metaverse Graveyard + 3D model files

Each DeadHead needs a home, Decentraland, CryptoVoxels and beyond. We plan to purchase parcels for DeadHead members to congregate and plant their DeadHeads.

The 3D model files will be released in conjunction so all owners will get a .GLB of their deadhead.


DeadHeads Merch Store

We want collectors to reap the rewards of being part of the underworld, we'll drop merch to include deadheads in the real world in unique ways!

Step 5


Use secondary sale %'s to buy the floor + new animators

Our community will have its own voting structure which can determine secondary sale earnings and allocate them in ways that benefit holders, in the immediate term it will be used to buy the floor and fund the animated series. Floor DeadHeads will be used in giveaways and some will be sent to the cremation station and burned forever.


What is dead may never die. DeadHeads Underground Graveyard is built to last and reward hodlers. A collective that is run by an organization structure decided upon by its members, with a community-driven animated series that will immortalize the collection.

As creators we will always give back to our community, and will use transaction fees to buy up the floor for giveaways and cremation (burn them)*. That is what will enable it to endure as a pivotal piece of NFT-history. We gotchu.

Becoming a member will give you exclusive voting rights, permissions to specific content and forever grant you access to the underworld of the metaverse - graveyards will be placed in specific worlds of the communities choosing

*If you love your DH don't list at floor or it might be bought, cremated and sent to purgatory to walk around miserable forever.

Short Animated Series

Be the author of an animated series, claim your 1/1 character that will be immortalized in series animations.

Utilizing votes cast by members of the community, plot-points will guide a DeadHeads script that acts as a sweeping narrative of the NFT community as a whole, not only DeadHeads.

Never before has a project embarked on decentralizing decision-making in animation. We intend to be pioneers of this space and working with the community to put out content we can all enjoy.


ERC-721 Contract

#10,000 DeadHeads Available

Price 0.09ETH
Activations require MetaMask

Distribution of 7.5% used for buying the floor & paying animators/creators.

Meet the  Humans 

Jeremy Jenson

Co-Founder of AIArtHouse, Tech thought leader and NFT enthusiast.

grim reaper


AI Engineer, Co-Founder of AIArtHouse and massive degen.



Metaverse expert, early AI adopter and smart-contract dev



Decorated animator and designer, NFT lover and creator of things.